#MagicMomentMonday – a NEW Approach

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There are magical moments in every day. We just have to take the time to notice them ~ Sue Atkins


I was coming out of my hotel room on holiday recently as a taxi driver was proudly finishing off waxing his black Mercedes carrier. It gleamed in the hot sun & I admired his hard work. He gave a wide and genuinely surprised smile, delighted with my compliments of having noticed the pride he had in keeping his black vehicle spotless despite the rain of Tropical Storm Karen.
We exchanged a simple few minutes chatting & I felt the warmth of connection & it struck me that life is full of ‘Magical Moments’ if we take the time to notice them, share them & celebrate them.
There are magical moments in every day. We just have to take the time to notice them ~ Sue Atkins
I see so many negative posts around social media about bringing up children. How hard it is, how tiring & demanding it is & how motherhood is a battle that needs to be endured or fortified with coffee, wine or gin.
It IS challenging. It is demanding. It is exhausting.
I know I’ve brought up 2 children.
But, it is also magical, special, inspiring, life enhancing, joyful & the thing I am most proud of.
I thought it would be nice to hear your small, little magical moments that have brought joy to you around your family on a Monday. What better way to start the week – feeling grateful?
What are the things that made you smile, the simple moments of connection or pride, from riding a bike to learning to read. The sound of their giggles, the warmth of their hugs. The funny things they say – to the challenges they overcome.
I hope my #MagicMomentMonday will make you think what your magic moments might be, and appreciate them all the more when another comes your way.
Parenting is a journey to be enjoyed not a challenge to be endured.
I hope this simple idea will help you to become a more positive parent in some small way, that will make a big difference in your family life.
It would be lovely to see what makes you happy & what unites us, connects us, and brings us together around funny, special or unusual moments.
I’d love to hear your stories on my Facebook Page is https://b-m.facebook.com/SueAtkinsTheParentingExpert/

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