Shocking new survey showing large number of body anxious teens avoiding PE

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Being a teenager is fraught with being self conscious, yet in this digital age where image is everything teenagers are under a lot of pressure to be ‘perfect.’

The survey by the ‘Be Real Campaign’ suggests that schools could do more to combat this unrealistic expectation of what it is to have a perfect body.

But I believe parents can play a huge role in ‘talking and teaching’ children to love their bodies from an early age.

I always get the parents that I work with to notice how they  talk about their bodies, as they are unconsciously passing on their attitude and values around having a happy, relaxed body image.

Of course we all have lumps and bumps and bits we don’t like about ourselves but if we as parents constantly over critice our own bodies in front of the mirror and talk about our bodies in consistently negative ways we are teaching our children to be self critical and nebver satisfied with their bodies.

I used to go into schools running workshops around body image – important for boys to understand too using this Dove video as a starter to get young people talking and thinking.

The power of advertising shouldn’t be underestimated and ‘talking and teaching’ and helping our kids have a healthy and relaxed attitude to their bodies is a really important part of their self confidence and ability to love themselves unconditionally throughout their lives.

Why not have a chat with your kids this week about this topic?

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