After #MeToo is it really any different raising boys?

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I’m speaking with Kelvin MacKenzie on Love Sport Radio about this topic in The Telegraph ‘After #MeToo, how are we now to raise our boys?’

I don’t really think that raising a thoughtful, well-rounded son is any different from raising a thoughtful, well rounded daughter ? I’ve got one of each and I think it boils down to how you ‘talk & teach’ them your values around respect, patience, tolerance, kindness and love.

These core values drove all our interactions when they were young and both my children, who are 25 and 23 are thoughtful, respectful and generous spirited young adults now, of whom I’m enormously proud.

They also had a happy home where respect was the key energy between my husband and myself and everyone around us. They learnt from observing, listening and watching that model.

Raising boys in a #MeToo world shouldn’t be any different from before.

Children learn their values from their parents, their teachers, their role models and their idols so make sure you are guiding, nurturing and teaching respect, tolerance, and kindness. Teach your sons to respect girls and they will grow up respecting women. Teach your girls self confidence so they will grow up resilient and assertive as well as respectful to boys and men.

What are your thoughts?

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