Are you guilty of exploiting your kids on Instagram? Call me old fashioned but I didn’t think parenting was a competitive, attention seeking sport!

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I’m being interviewed on talkRADIO tonight about midwife Clemmie Hooper, 33, who is  accused of using her children online to make money.

I have to say I have been guilty of feeling a little jealous of the 500,000 followers some of these Instagram mums have for simply posting a photo of their kids in the bath plugging a clearly sponsored shampoo ad.

Call me old fashioned but I didn’t think parenting was a competitive, attention seeking sport!

Clemmie Hooper is an Instagram blogger & she has quit the app amid claims she is exploiting her children for financial gain.

Clemmie Hooper, 33, has been accused of posting ‘ethically dubious’ pictures and stories of family life to her 500,000 followers.

The midwife, who works one day a week, shot to Insta-fame for her musings on being a parent of four under her online personna ‘Mother of Daughters’.

But she has now vanished from the social network without comment amid rows she uses her children to sell advertising.

In a heated discussion on parenting message board Mumsnet, she told users she ‘didn’t feel’ she sold her children to make money.

The Telegraph reports she said:’I don’t feel I ‘sell’ my children to make money, I actually hardly ever feature the older girls and have changed my approach when working with brands. I won’t feature a picture of my children alone for an AD and I always ask “do they need to be in the post at all?”‘

Using the name ‘anyalovesrose’ she added: ‘I said I hardly ever feature them. They also see and give consent to any post where there are in the picture.’

But users replied saying that it was ‘morally wrong’ and as children they were not able to give consent or understand what it meant.

I found this blog by to sum it up better than I can in this attention seeking social media world of what I call ‘Plastic Parenting ‘ …..


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