Last Minute Back To School Tips. Episode 34 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show.

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Episode 34

Tweet of The Week @Girlguiding Over a third of girls say the pressure to live the perfect life online is affecting their wellbeing. #GirlsAttitudes Girls are concerned their parents aren’t aware of the pressures they face on social media. Check out

Josefina is the creator of Nanos Spanish, encompassing the Nanos, Pekes and Grandes programmes.

She is a qualified language teacher with an imaginative and active approach to teaching, and a mother of 2; Gloria and Oscar.

Josefina has 12 years’ language teaching experience in a London school, part of this time leading the school’s Language Department.  Josefina believes in the importance of an early introduction to languages, which has been her ethos to create Nanos Spanish.  She is currently teaching Nanos and Pekes classes.



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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A


QuestionHello Sue, I saw you on Good Morning Britain discussing smacking with Jeremy Kyle who said it never did him any harm – I’d love to hear more about your alternatives. It’s stressful raising my kids & I need some new ideas. Thanks.” Penny Arthur from Southampton

My Articles on Smacking.

 My interview on Good Morning Britain has caused quite a stir!

 I have been featured in:

 The Huffington Post

The New York Post

The Sun

The Daily Express

The Daily Mail

The Mirror

The Stir

Good To Know

Gears of Biz

Here are some alternatives

The Alternative To Smacking’ Checklist.

Why is it that when an adult hits a child we call it discipline

Sue Atkins talks about smacking your children and alternative methods of discipline to Eamonn Holmes on ‘This Morning’

Why kids need rules – here’s a checklist to help.

 That was Easy’ – Sue Atkins’ alternative to the Naughty Step.


Does this sound familiar?


Are you struggling to tame your toddler’s tantrums?


Are you going around the bend trying to get your child to sleep or even stay asleep?


Do you have siblings who just don’t stop fighting?


Does your child hate going to school due to bullying?


Does your child lack confidence?



Is your child heading towards exams and is really stressed out?


Maybe you’re going through a divorce or separation and you need help and support?

I understand!



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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A


Question Hello Sue, my son has recently been diagnosed as dyslexic. We are worried about what this means to him at school. His Dad has always struggled to spell but will this hold him back?” Liz Roberts from Dundee in Scotland.

My Article: 10 Facts Parents Should Know About Dyslexia. Checklist

Why dyslexia is not a disadvantage.

10 things your dyslexic child wants you to know

Successful and Famous People With Dyslexia – put this poster on your fridge !

More than 50% of NASA employees are Dyslexic


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