Why dyslexia is not a disadvantage.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


‘Made By Dyslexia’ is a  global charity led by successful (and famous) dyslexics.

Their purpose is to help the world properly understand and support dyslexia.

Changing Perceptions

Dyslexic minds process information differently. Their divergent, lateral thinking has created some of the world’s greatest inventions, brands and art. Yet dyslexia is still perceived as a disadvantage.

Schools aren’t designed for dyslexic thinking, and most teachers aren’t trained in dyslexia, meaning many go through life without knowing they’re dyslexic.

Creating Solutions

Working with experts, psychologists and successful dyslexics, they develop campaigns, films, tools and tests to explain dyslexic thinking.

Help for dyslexia in schools is often only available if you can pay. They aim to democratise dyslexia support so that every dyslexic child is identified and enabled to get the right help, and to understand their brilliant potential.

Getting Involved

Made By Dyslexia is just getting started and there is LOTS to do but you can help them by spreading the word.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the handle #madebydyslexia

Subscribe to their Youtube and Podcast channels for regular advice and insight.

Help them by donating or fundraising.



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