Helping Your Kids Become Smart Talkers – Episode 31 Of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show.

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Episode 31


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I was invited on to BBC Radio London to talk about #PLAYLIKEMUM

‘Have we gone back to 1957?’ Mothers are left outraged by new toy pram collection that encourages young girls to ‘Play Like Mum’

Play Like Mum range by Silver Cross is set to be launched later this month. The collection has already been slammed for reinforcing gender stereotypes.

What do you think?

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Libby Hill Speech & Language Therapist

Listen to my fascinating interview with Libby Hill a Speech & Language Therapist who is the founder of Smart Talkers. Libby appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Born naughty?’ Series 1 & she has over 30 years’ experience. She specialises in ASD/complex communication difficulties and also Selective Mutism.

I ask Libby whether it matters which way a pushchair faces, are dummies OK for kids & what’s the impact of mobile phones on young children’s ability to communicate effectively. We discuss simple ways to encourage a child to learn to speak, when should a parent be worried about their child and the importance of singing nursery rhymes.

To listen to the full interview CLICK HERE

Perfect for keeping children age 2-9 occupied while on holiday or travelling, The PlayBag is a unique item designed to stimulate the imagination and encourage imaginative play.  It is a toy bag which quickly and easily converts into an enchanting play station…just add toys, child and some imagination!


Question ‘Dear Sue, my 13-year-old daughter has become really challenging recently. She’s become stroppy, argumentative and rather angry. Then suddenly she can be all lovely, smiley and her usual helpful & funny self. What’s going on, what can I do and is this normal?’ Carole Greenfield from Bermondsey, London

Article The Sue Atkins Camcorder Technique

Article My Pause Button Technique

Product Navigating the choppy waters of the teenage years – the blueprint for parents of teens

QuestionDear Sue, my 15 year old son went to a friend’s BBQ and was offered alcho pops drinks – fruity flavoured cider. I was horrified. He declined but felt a bit uncomfortable. What’s your take on kids drinking? Scott Rumbertone from Cheshire

I’ve written many articles on alcohol & teenagers.

Click HERE  

Article Drink Aware

How to teach your kids about booze

 Supermarkets and alcohol

Booze why let it decide.

Stopping teenagers going off the rails

Children who see parents drink “more likely” to binge drink themselves

Parties – Facebook – Disasters!





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