My Pause Button Technique

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

My Pause Button Technique is a really simple way to empower all parents no matter what situation they find themselves in, as it allows you to press your imaginary pause button, freeze time and consider the consequences of the actions you are about to take, before making a more informed, better choice.

Imagine you have picked up the remote control button to your DVD player and you simply press the PAUSE button when you feel yourself losing your temper, or losing your patience, or getting wound up by your kids.

This simple action will freeze frame the situation so that you can take a moment to detach yourself from the immediate situation that you find yourself in.

Now ask yourself: What do I want to happen next?

Is what I am going to say bring me closer to or further away from my child in the long run?

What do I need to say or do to bring this situation under my control?

PAUSE         THINK           DECIDE              ACT

This simple Pause Button Technique is on all my Parenting Made Easy CDs and for more of my simple yet highly effective techniques like the Pause Button, One Point or Traffic Lights Technique click here

This is one of of Sue’s best techniques I think because as soon as we started to use it things really changed for the better in our house !”

Carol Sedgewick from Manchester

Sue’s simple idea really helped change our children’s behaviour really quickly and made a real impact on the whole atmosphere in our school.”
Class teacher from Haywards Heath

“It’s brilliant because it helps me control when I feel myself getting angry. Mrs Atkins made it easy to remember so now I press my pause button lots of times.”
Katie, aged 8

“I use my Pause Button when my naughy little sister gets on my nerves”

Adam, aged 9

“I use my Pause Button when my Step Kids come to stay with us – certainly seems to have done the trick so far as I feel far more relaxed ! Thanks Sue !”

Tavishi Patel

“A great idea and so simple – I’ll be definitely teaching the parents and kids I work with your simple technique Sue – thanks”

Children’s Centre Worker


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