How to cope with all kinds of trauma in children – with Jane Evans. Episode 24 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show.

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Jane Evans  is passionate about understanding and sharing how we are impacted by childhood anxiety and even trauma. She does this by drawing upon her direct work with families and individuals and by studying the research and neuroscience relating to anxiety, trauma and attachment.

She regularly appears on televison and radio, speaks internationally & writes and delivers training on understanding and supporting:

Jane works with early years professionals about children impacted by trauma & works with parents impacted by domestic violence and abuse.

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How Are You Feeling Today Baby Bear by Jane Evans

A gentle story to help children aged 2 to 6 years who have lived with violence in their home Baby Bear lives in a home with the Big Bears, and loves to chase butterflies and make mud pies – they make Baby Bear’s tummy fill with sunshine….



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Episode 24


 Tweet of the week @fundamentallych I like all things associated with Dr Amanda Gummer who is a research psychologist specialising in child development – she has tested my ‘Can Do Kid Journal for Super Heroes’’ and my’ Divorce Journal for Children and they received glowing testimonials and her Endorsement. Some good advice in this photo of what to expect your child to be able to do from the age of baby to 5 – a GUIDE for the ages and stages. You can also find out more at and they are home to the @GoodToyGuide and @GoodAppGuide


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Question Dear Sue after the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London it’s made my little girl terrified that our house will go up in flames. What can I do to reassure her and what do I tell her?’ Kelly Grimond from New Addington, Surrey

Article 10 Fire Safety Rules To ‘Talk & Teach’ Your Children

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Question ‘Hi Sue, I’m really worried about my kids falling back during the summer holidays as I read somewhere that teachers hate the first few weeks of the Autumn Term as the kids have forgotten everything they’ve learnt. How do I prevent my kids learning from slipping back during the Summer Holidays? Thanks Sue” – Liz Weston from Salisbury

Article How To Avoid Summer Slippage !

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