Today’s four-year-olds often ‘not physically ready’ for school !

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A "concerning" number of today's four-year-olds are not physically ready to start school
A “concerning” number of today’s four-year-olds are not physically ready to start school

As a former Deputy Head and Reception Class Teacher I was horrified to read today that four-year-olds are often ‘not physically ready’ for school due to competitive  parenting, iPads and screens all contributing to a decrease in a young child’s mobility that can impact on their academic learning.

This follows on from a client of mine with a 18 year old boy who thinks its normal for her son to have muscle wastage due to too much gaming !


Early-years specialists monitoring children of school age found a higher number experience problems with their balance and coordination than previously thought, ultimately affecting their ability to learn in class.

Researchers from the University of Loughborough said the increase was partly a result of modern children being less active in their early years compared with previous decades, with typical movements associated with play and development reduced by the introduction of electronic toys and screens.

As in all of my 1-2-1 sessions, or speaking in schools to parents, my whole philosophy in life is ‘get the balance right.’

Of course technology is here to stay and will become part of our lives in ways we can’t yet imagine, but surely it’s ALL about finding that balance. Putting in boundaries and saying ‘No’ occasionally ?

How can it be right that tests on 4 year olds to assess Foundation Stage children’s physical development at the start of the first school year found almost a third to be “of concern” for lack of motor skills and reflexes and that almost  90 per cent of children demonstrated some degree of movement difficulty for their age?

Perhaps this blog will give you a ‘Pause To Ponder’ moment …..

Ask yourself ‘How much screen time do my children have?

‘Is that OK?

‘What am I teaching them about technology, screen time, exercise and co- ordination?’

‘What small changes can I make that over time will make a BIG difference?’

I work with lots of parents who find it difficult to put in boundaries round their kids. If you are one of them give me a call and let’s work together – it won’t take long and you’ll be pleased you did.

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