As 2 children are arrested as young as 12 & 13 over ‘indecent images’ – TALK & TEACH your kids about what’s OK and NOT OK.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins



I speaking live on BBC Radio Newcastle today discussing –  the children  of 12 and 13, who were arrested and bailed over ‘indecent images’

We need to be ‘Talking & Teaching ‘ our children about self respect, self confidence and what is and isn’t appropriate behaviour online and off.

In this media crazy world of ‘famous for 5 minutes’ children are growing up thinking that their every moment needs to be captured online. But sending inappropriate photos of oneself has never been a good idea, let alone now when a jilted boyfriend or girlfriend decides to put them on Facebook or other social media sites. The private very instantly becomes the public.

Of course kids are curious about sex – but these days the graphic, violent and depraved images they can instantly access on their phones makes this an very important subject to be ‘Talking & Teaching’ your children about to keep them safe.

CEOPS is a website to help you understand what goes on between your teenagers as there’s no use burying your head in the sand and pretending these things don’t go on – I know it’s a different world from when we grew up, but we need to get savvy as parents to keep our kids safe and to pass on our core values of respect for women.

I was watching Scott & Bailey the other evening and even the police woman’s daughter was arrested aged 16 for sending inappropriate images of herself to her 15 year old boyfriend who is under age. So it’s out there and don’t be naive to think your kids don’t know about this stuff.

Download the Kidslox app from my website by clicking on the Kidslox photo to get back control of your child’s technology – it’s simple, quick and will help keep them safer.

Find more from CEOPS by clicking on the link

Posting pictures and videos advice from CEOPS 
A few years ago most people only took a camera to special occasions like parties or holidays. Now we carry cameras all the time – on our phones.

You can take some snaps or shoot a video anywhere and share them online in no time. Photos and videos can be a great way to show your friends what you’re up to.

But remember, it can be really hard, sometimes impossible, to delete pictures or videos from the internet or other people’s mobiles. Once you’ve shared something online or on your mobile you’ve lost control of it – it can be copied, shared and even edited!

If you send an embarrassing picture or video to a friend it could end up anywhere. If you post it online anyone could see it, including your parents, teachers or future employers!

Remember – it’s never too late to get help if you’ve shared something you regret. You can report photos and videos to the websites they are on or seek help from an adult you trust.

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