My Mum got an orange – so what do you think of Want,Need, Wear, Read?

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Christmas is just round the corner and it got me pondering about what to buy my kids who are 23 and 21 – the days of copious wrapping and making Father Christmas footprints in the talcum powder are long gone ????

Do you join in the frenzy of Black Friday and buy lots of things you don’t really need because they’re a bargain or do you budget?

What does Christmas really mean to you ? Family, friends, chats by the fire and the wonderful smell of the real Christmas tree – or stressful days of frantic shopping and kids opening presents without even a ‘thank you’ as they’ve got so many?

It’s Family Dispute Resolution Week where the focus is on putting Children First in a divorce so it also made me ponder about the competition between you and your ex to see who can buy the biggest and the best present for your kids.

Lots of separated parents I work with complain about Dads who don’t live at home feeling guilty about their children so they buy them expensive presents to over compensate. I remember my own daughter getting an Apple Mac for her 18th which I thought was a bit ‘over the top!’ after my divorce.

My dear old Mum was the eldest of 7 and got an orange and a pair of school shoes for Christmas.

So I was interested to see this idea that’s been floating round the Internet of KISS – Keeping It Simple Stupid of Want, Need, Wear , Read as a way to keep Christmas more grounded.

What do you think?

What’s your experience or story?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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