iPhones ‘are killing children’s ability to communicate’, Tristram Hunt says

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Posted by: Sue Atkins



I’m delighted to be talking about this topic tomorrow on Good Morning Britain at 7.20 am


Smartphones are killing children’s ability to communicate, shadow education secretary says as he blames parents for not talking to their children.


I see mums in parks on their iPhone. I see mums at toddler groups on their iPhones. I see Dads in supermarkets on their iPhones. I see Nannies at dance classes on their iPhones.

The critical questions here are …….

What are they learning from us, as we are too connected to talk, look or listen to them ?

and is that OK?

This is not even addressing the damage it’s  doing to them about their social/emotional development or the damage it’s doing to their neuro pathways and ability to develop language, vocabulary or the damage it’s doing to their self esteem.

The academic research is prolific and abundant but until the 24/7 connected generation are older they will  probably never know the damage they have done to their children’s ability to communicate, feel special or feel heard.

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