Oooh NO ! Forcing children to watch TV is now a punishment as iPad becomes ‘first screen’

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I’m speaking on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester today about this shocking new survey that has found that young children are now so used to their tablets that taking them away and forcing them to watch TV is a way to discipline them !

Almost one in two parents will take away a child’s tablet and put them in front of the television as a punishment, according to research from Miner & Co.
Unlike the TV, a passive, often-social experience, tablets “offer versatility, simple user interface and a ‘personal’ viewing experience”, the researchers wrote.

What parents don’t seem to understand is that research has also discovered that 80% of children under 2 are now digitally connected yet they don’t seem to be aware of the the dangers to their child’s social skills, to the dangers to their brain development being so passive so young and the addictive quality of sitting transfixed in front of a screen for so long.

Families are no longer eating together regularly so children are being brought up on a diet of screens so taking away their favourite screen which is now the versatile iPad or tablet is seen as punishment!

“I remember as a kid when we used to get in trouble, we used to get sent to our room without any TV,” a father said. “But nowadays, when we punish our kids, we take away the iPad. The big punishment in our house is actually being forced to watch TV.”

Maybe soon the next punishment will be to send them outside in the garden to play !


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