Selfish adults ‘damage childhood’

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The Good Childhood Report published its findings and it makes for thought provoking reading.

As you know I work with many parents who love their children and are doing their very best with the resources they currently have. It’s not helpful to point a finger of blame at parents but perhaps time to offer an open hand to help them make learning new skills, strategies and techniques less taboo. Kids don’t with a handbook and it’s about making some small changes that over time make a big difference.

For me it’s about asking ourselves better, more empowering questions.

Points to Ponder and Questions to Ask:

• How can I nurture, cherish and love my children so they feel this love?
• Are my children my top priority?
• If they aren’t how can I make them top priority? What small changes can I make this week to do that immediately?
• Am I creating the kind of family I am proud of?
• How can I listen to my kids more, teach them, guide them and set them firm, fair and consistent boundaries?
• What exactly are my rules, boundaries and values and how can I be their parent not their friend and show them tough love by passing on my values and rules with firm kindness and confidence?
• How can I build their self esteem and praise them more?
• Is this action or remark bringing me closer to or further away from my child long term?
• What’s important to me?
• How can I improve the way I listen to my kids, play with them, talk to them, show them respect?
• How can I be kinder to them?
• What makes a great parent – write down all the things a great parent does, says and makes you feel?
• How can I improve my parenting? Who can I ask for ideas and support and where can I learn?
• How can I get more balance into my life?
• How can I feel more confident in my parenting?
• Is it about being a parent, not a friend to your kids and asking yourself: “What would love do now” more often?

This report can help us look at ourselves and help us make some small changes that don’t overwhelm us. It’s all about fine tuning our parenting whoever we are and whatever our circumstances or background and asking ourselves better questions to help us all raise happy, confident , well balanced children – today’s children but tomorrow’s future.

Changes happen quickly but habits take a little longer so forgive yourself if you make the odd mistake and just make today a better day. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

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