How hard is it for parents to keep their children under control in public?

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Today I’m live on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester talking about a stranger’s heart-warming note and £5 gift for young mother, 23, on a train for teaching her son good manners.

It’s so easy to bring up other people’s children and I work with parents who feel they have to battle their own mother or mother – in -law when they sigh or tut about the way they are bringing up their children.

Older generations tend to harp back to the “Good Old Days” and they way they were brought up as being somehow better but it’s not ALWAYS the case.

So read this heart-warming little story this morning to kick start your week positively.

Remember bringing up kids is hard work, takes patience, consistency and a huge dose of good humour whatever your age, background or style of discipline.

If you’d like more help – here’s my brand new CD  “The secret to having well behaved kids” which is bursting with my tips, strategies & practical suggestions that will put you firmly back in the driving seat of your family discipline quickly and easily. Kids don’t come with a handbook and it can feel like an uphill battle every day getting your kids to do as they are told the first time! This CD is one of my most popular ones in my Parenting Made Easy series.

So stop shouting and start smiling

If you need a hand my “Secret to having well behaved kids” CD will quickly help you feel more positive and confident so you can have more fun and build those happy memories that will last a lifetime with your kids and who knows someone might given a random act of kindness and drop you a fiver !

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