Surviving your “What Now?” Divorce Moments.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


Divorce is a challenging, traumatic, life defining, and stressful time, where you question “Who You Are, What Went Wrong and What Happens Now?” and I always say to my clients, “Divorce is a process NOT an event.”

I work with many women going through this process as it has a deeply profound effect on your self confidence and your ability to cope with finances, children, career and handling and juggling all the new things you have to do, from car  maintenance to going to parties on your own. This new experience is incredibly overwhelming at times as well as incredibly liberating. Most people oscillate between coping and floundering and the reason I know about these emotions is that I have personally gone through them myself.

So this video is a TED Talk from David Sbarra who has studied major life changes and how to cope with the “What Now?” Question and he offers some very simple, but very helpful ideas to help.

If you would like to work with me on my 5 Step Self Esteem Divorce Solution click here where we can talk and I support you  once a week for an hour for as long as you need me to ask you some good questions to help gently move you forward in your life.




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