Obesity – how worried should we be? Here’s the Antidote !

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Yesterday I was interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio  ( Listen here )  discussing the  shocking survey that half the UK population will be obese by 2050 ! LINK

My great friend Amanda Frolich from Amanda’s Action Club provides  fantastic weekly classes and exciting birthday parties for young kids because for Amanda it’s all about fun, fitness and funky music.

So I am delighted to give you her quick, easy and simple 10 Minute Movers to help get your family more active.

Here are her 10 Minute Movers:


With busy lifestyles it can be hard to find the time to exercise and sometimes it’s tough to get yourself motivated. Amanda explains that staying active and healthy doesn’t have to mean a 30 minutes slog in the gym.

There are plenty of ways to get moving and feel the benefits. Amanda explains some quick and easy ways to fit 10 minutes into your lifestyle.

No pain, no gain

“I don’t believe in this philosophy! If you have only 10 minutes to get active you should try to make sure that it gets your heart pumping faster than usual but don’t put yourself in any pain. Even a brisk walk to the bus stop counts towards you 150 minutes.

Warming up

No matter if you are a seasoned athlete or a first time mover it’s always important to do a warm up so that your body is prepared for activity and you can get the best out of it. Active warm ups are the best rather than stretching on the spot so try jogging on the spot, jumping jacks or high knees to get your body warm.

10 minute skip

Skipping with a rope is an excellent way to get your heart pumping so it’s perfect for 10 minutes of activity. Try to skip as fast as you can for one minute and then have a 30 second rest – you’ll give yourself a good work out and will be improving your balance, fitness and control. Also a skipping rope is a relatively cheap item to have to hand and can be taken with you anywhere!

10 minute jog

What’s great about jogging or running is that it is completely free! You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive gear and you can do it anywhere. Plus it burns more calories than any other mainstream exercise. If you are new to running then start slow and build up – walk briskly for a few minutes and turn that into a jog for a minute and then walk again. You’ll soon find you can run more comfortably for 10 minutes. For motivation try running with a friend of a similar ability and plan when you are going to run together.

10 minute run

If you are looking to up explore more ways of running then you can make the most of 10 minutes by trying Interval Training or simply put sprinting. Try some of the following:

  • For beginners: sprint for 30 seconds and rest for 40 seconds – 1 minute and repeat 6 times
  • For more advanced: sprint for 1 minute and rest 1 minute, repeat 6
  • For keen runners: find a nice steep hill to sprint to the top, walk down slowly as your rest time and repeat 5-6 times.

10 minute cycle

Cycling is a liberating and invigorating for all ages and it’s a great way to get about and keep active at the same time. Flying down a hill on a bike can help you feel free and is bound to pick up your mood however you are feeling! Whether you cycle to the shops, for fun or cycle to work fast or slow it’s a fantastic way to stay fit and burn some calories.


Ten minutes lane swimming will do you the power of good.

10 minute home workout

It doesn’t have to be Jane Fonda, there’s a whole host of workout dvds out there. Whether you put yourself in the hands of an expert like Richard Callendar or Kerry Katona is up to you or there are plenty of great workouts being offered on Youtube too. Get the music going and work your body for a powerful 10 minute stretch.

Dog Walking

Rover might want more than 10 minutes but it’s a start and he’ll love you for it too. Throw a stick or launch a ball for your pal, chase him, throw him a frisbee, get involved. No sitting on a park bench while he sniffs around in a funk. And remember those doggy bags!


Leave the 4 by 4 at home and head of to your local supermarket on foot. The walk back, laden with bags will be a hearty challenge but it’ll reawaken cellular memories of dragging back your mammoth, making you feel as vital as a caveman again.


Walk to the post box (and not necessarily your nearest post box). Stretch those legs and seek out a post box you’ve not used before. If you walk far enough you can post the letter by hand and save yourself postage J


Don’t put it off any longer. The weeds need pulling and the hedge needs trimming and everything needs a good dousing with water. Gardening is, for the most part, a case of gentle exertion in the elements, a lot of bending and pulling and it’s an excellent way to have a mini workout. The hose pipe ban can’t be long away so what are you waiting for?

Parent and child

Family workout in the garden!

Use sheets of paper with simply activities written on each one such a 10 star jumps or touch your head, shoulders, knees and toes 20 times! Create a circuit of activities to perform at each station (or piece of paper). Get the kids to create some activities too so it’s fun for everyone.

Family Disco.

Its amazing how much energy you can burn dancing and how letting loose can really make you feel good! Pump up the volume to a few favourite songs and boogie away. Make up dance moves as you go and get the kids to copy.

Treasure hunts.

A classic which has stood the test of time and which can have the whole family running around – especially if it’s timed. Hide small items around the house or outside and use clear instructions. You can make it harder by getting the kids to either, run, hop or jump to the next clue.

Tail Tag.

Use colourful scarfs as tails for all the children tucked into their waistband of t-shirt. The children then run around in different directions and the adult has to catch as many tails as possible in a certain time.

Water gun challenge.

Aim and fire! Adults and children can play this game together. Run around the garden and try to aim at different body parts!

Fly a kite.

Not as easy as it seems but flying a kite is a great adult and child bonding experience. Have a look online for launching techniques.

Egg and Spoon races.

Kids enjoy playing this simple game. It makes them laugh, it’s inexpensive and lots of fun. Make out the course for the race. It doesn’t have to be a straight line! Bending round tress or obstacles makes it all the more fun.

Clean the car.

Get together with a bucket of soapy water and some sponges and give the car a clean. Take a section each and work you arms or put some music on and clean to the beat.

Cycle to school

Riding with the kids to school is a great way to get adults and kids active and introduce healthy habits! Plus cycling has many benefits for children such as improved health, confidence and concentration.



Kids need to get active for at least 60 minutes a day to stay healthy.

Here are some of Amanda’s ideas for the kids:

 Visit the playground

Challenge the children to play on as many pieces of equipment as they can and allow 30 seconds of short bursts of action on each one.

Walking to school

If it’s just not practical to leave the car at home then park or drop your kids ten minutes away from the school gates so they get some activity into their day and you don’t have to fight to find a spot!

Hula hooping competitions

There’s a lot more than you think that can be done with the humble hula hoop. Its is a great way to exercise the waist but you can also see how far you can throw it and have it roll back to you or try skipping with it around your ankle.

Parachute games

You can buy these from Tesco. They have a good range of outdoor activities. Children like to play games like duck, duck goose.

Limbo dancing competitions.

You can use a rope or a broom for this simple activity. Challenge the children to go as low as they can without touching.

Find out all about Amanda’s Action Club Classes, Parties & Franchise here


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