Everything Us Parents Really Want To Say To People With No Kids !

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I can distinctly remember saying , in all seriousness, to friends when I was pregnant, “But having kids won’t change me !” 🙂

But as parents with kids we all have our own unique challenges don’t we?

I remember visiting friends ( with no kids) who had just bought their first house together and they proudly showed us their brand new fluffy, expensive prized white carpet and then proceeded to offer us a large glass of red wine and the chap put the bottle just down on the carpet by his feet when my son Will had JUST learnt to walk….. I was a bag of nerves throughout the afternoon, to say nothing of showing us around their garden when Will simply walked back inside with his muddy boots and the look on my friend’ s face said it all – a look of sheer horror !

Or you may remember simply just leaving the house – quickly, easily and stress free !  But it’s  a completely different ball game for parents of young kids isn’t it – changing bags, toys, travel cot, Calpol, cuddly, spare pair of clothes…….

Comedian Michael McIntyre, who has said he wouldn’t actually have an act without his wife and young sons, is here to remind you though. And for the non-parents, he has four simple words: You may think you know, but seriously, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA.”

Enjoy !

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