Every teenager has the right to keep secrets.

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Molly and me at Lords

My wonderful teenage daughter is 19 and has recently settled really easily into University life in Manchester. She’s got a boyfriend and seems to have a brilliant social life getting in when I am just about getting up ! 🙂

We have always got on extremely well and I miss her more than I like to tell her so she doesn’t feel guilty about that – but I am her Mum not her “friend” and there are certain things I don’t need or want to know about and visa versa.

One of the most difficult things for all parents to learn is that as teenagers grow up they are entitled to have secrets. By about 15, they are not your pals any more, they have hopes, dreams and desires that we as parents may know nothing about unless we stay in their lives, keep the lines of communication open and listen to them.

But they also have the right to keep certain aspects of their lives private.

I’ve had all the “chats” about drugs, sex and rock and role and now I believe my  emerging adult daughter has the right to privacy.

So what’s the difference between privacy and secrets – being involved and being intrusive ?



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