Wonderful Stories For You To Read To Your Children To Encourage Calmness, Confidence & Creativity

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I have used these simply wonderful books with all the children I teach in schools when I run my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshops and the children love the stories.
I use them as a calming story where the children relax, breath deeply and slowly as they enter a meditative state and reflect on the wonderful themes in each tale. They love entering the Enchanted Garden with their Magic Lanterns and in this busy, hectic world the stories give the children space to just BE.

Meditation and visualisation, if approached in an inventive and appealing manner, bring enormous benefits to children. It can calm their anxieties, build their self-esteem, unlock their imagination, and teach them quietness and thoughtfulness.

This book, designed for parents to use with any child between the ages of 4 and 8, is a collection of 20 narrative-based meditations. Reading the stories aloud, they draw the child into adventures which fire their imagination. In this way they help the child focus their minds, release their worries, believe in themselves and trust in the world around them.

All the stories sensitively tackle difficult challenges facing small children, such as how to cope with disappointment, how to make good decisions, how to deal with anxieties and how to banish boredom. Each of the meditations is both enjoyable, as a fantasy, and effective, like a gentle hand smoothing wrinkles from tiny furrowed brows.

Do explore their magic.

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