My Story of Being A Mum – what’s yours?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

The first time I sat down to write my Story of Mum I was raw in grief about the door banging behind my beautiful 19 year old daughter Molly as she as she packed her cheetah print Converse, Mac Makeup and Primark Pyjamas and left home, jumping excitedly and nervously into her father’s car – to head off to her new beginnings at Manchester Metropole  University.

It was a poignant and rather traumatic moment for me as I am also currently going through a divorce after 21 years and found myself living totally alone in our beautiful Tudor Farmhouse while we are waiting to sell it………..


On Friday I was invited to tell my story of being a Mum to Will and Molly. I had to choose 10 photos that were special to me and describe my journey.

It was a fabulous event where Mums from all over came together in London to celebrate what it means to be a mother.

All our experiences are unique – all of our journeys bursting with memories.

All of our stories with a common thread of love, devotion and joy. Tears, sadness and pain.

Honesty, vulnerability and strength shone through each story.

Why not dig out your favourite 10 photos and explore your story of Mum?

Story of Mum is a community of supportive mamas doing creative stuff to celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood. Join us!

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