I went head to head live on BBC Radio Sheffield with Katie Hopkins on the importance of baby names

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

katie hopkins

Today the most popular list of baby names has been revealed with Harry and Amelia topping the list this year.


I’ve just been head to head with Katie Hopkins from The Apprentice live on BBC Radio Sheffield  who believes that you can apparently judge whether children are suitable friends for your kids by their names !

How can anyone judge a child simply by their name – but also why would you be so judgemental, bigoted, close minded and cruel to a child in the first place?

And the idea that teachers also look down the register and instantly decide a child’s future SATS is utterly ridiculous !

What do you think?

Listen to me live but lost for words really !

The show on BBC Sheffield will be available for 7 days – http://www.bbc.co.uk/radiosheffield/programmes/schedules. It’s Rony’s show you need to click on


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