The Lost Art Of Eating Together

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I’ve just been interviewed by BBC Radio Sheffield about a new report suggesting that children who sit down and eat and TALK WITH their Mums and Dads have better social skills, do better at school and have better self esteem.


Yet I heard many parents on the radio show say that they don’t have the time to sit down and eat and chat with their kids. But why has this happened?

Of course we lead bust lives – but haven’t we always?

I grew up eating a meal with my Mum and Dad every evening and I have made sure I stay connected in my kids lives by doing the same. We always ate Sunday lunch together and we still enjoy chats and laughs around the kitchen table now – even though my son is 20 and at University.

Eating together is a mind-set.

It’s an intention.

I am working with a lovely family of 5 who haven’t eaten regularly together for years and of course it takes organisation but it also just takes an attitude to !Make It Happen”

They now have bacon sandwiches all together on Saturday mornings and are enjoying the bonhomie, the chatting ( NOT NAGGING – about how to hold their knives and forks, or eat up their broccoli type conversations !) and are a lot closer.

The benefits are that they feel significant, they feel heard, they feel bonded as a family as the “We Team” and all their relationships have improved.

The kids self esteem has been nurtured in a very simple way.

Try it – not just for the benefits of better school reports but for happier children.

Find your special day or your special time to sit down to chat with ( not AT) your kids and watch them bloom.


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