Judy Murray – pushy parent or encouraging Mum?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

judy murray

I’ve been invited to chat on LBC Radio this morning about Judy Murray – Andy Murray’s Mum discussing whether she is a pushy  Mum.

I’ve met my share of  Pushy Parents as a former Deputy Head in a Prep School but  there’s a line I think between encouraging your child to fulfill their true potential and living out your own frustrations about what you didn’t achieve or have as a child yourself.

I’ve coached many an adult who wants to change career because they went into it because ” It was expected of me….”

I have always encouraged my own kids in their hobbies, interests and talents and hopefully that is a more fulfilling route to go – but what do you think?

Here’s the article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/tennis/andymurray/10149958/Judy-Murray-They-only-call-me-a-pushy-parent-because-Im-a-woman.html?placement=mid1

ps I’m a very passionate and excitable person so I’d be like Judy jumping about and making lots of noise from the side-lines if my son was playing at Wimbledon too  ! 🙂

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