Is Your Family Blooming?

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When I heard that my great pals across the pond Dr Lynne Kenney & Wendy Young from Kidlutions were writing a new book to help children bloom and flourish I was really excited.

“Bloom” presents a brain-based style of parenting that helps children learn to  develop the social-emotional, behavioural and communication skills to  grow and thrive as productive social beings.  Moving away from  consequences as a primary method of behavioural change, “Bloom” offers the  thoughts, words and actions needed to raise socially competent,  thoughtful, ethical children who grow and prosper with confidence and  caring.

Available on Kindle for ipad, iphone and android, Bloom can help us transform families and  classrooms by teaching children the skills they need to thrive.

Here is the Kindle Book link

The Kindle app is available for FREE for every major smartphone, tablet,  and computer. That means with Kindle reading apps, you can buy a Kindle  book once, and read it on any device with the Kindle app installed.


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