If Las Vegas is the self-proclaimed wedding capital of the world, then London is the divorce capital of the world.

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If Las Vegas is the self-proclaimed wedding capital of the world, then London may want to lay claim to the opposite title: the divorce capital of the world.

On Sunday, The Guardian reported that a string of pricey divorce settlements in favor of less wealthy spouses have solidified London’s reputation as the go-to city to sue for divorce.

The news likely came as no surprise to London Mayor Boris Johnson, who in November 2012 urged “injured spouses of the world’s billionaires” to come to London to take their exes “to the cleaners.”

So what are some of the cases that have helped London earn its title? Click through the slideshow below for some of Britain’s most high-profile divorce settlements, from Paul McCartney’s acrimonious split with Heather Mills, to German heiress Katrin Radmacher’s headline-grabbing divorce settlement

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