Are our kids growing up too quickly nowadays?

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Today I was on BBC Three Counties Radio and The Vanessa Feltz Show on BBC Radio London discussing the NetMums Survey suggesting that kids are all grown up at 12 these days instead of at 16 in previous generations. Click on the link to read more in The Daily Mirror

I want you to do something unusual.

I want you to grab a pen and paper and a cup of coffee and write down what childhood means to you.

Just bear with me and see what comes up for you and then ponder whether our kids are growong up too quickly.

Then ponder and reflect on what you are going to do about it !

For me childhood was riding bikes, climbing trees, French Skipping in the playground, running on the beach at Camber Sands, collecting shells, playing marbles, building an indoor camp in my Aunty Peggy’s hallway that I slept in with my cousin Colette, playing with water outside for hours, making mud pies, being bored on Sundays and eating ice cream with my Grandad.

But am I romantising and over – simplyifying the idea of childhood?

The girls I meet on my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshops seem obsessed with their weight and want to look like Rhianna, boys want to be macho and play adult video games and all feel under enormous pressure to grow up too quickly and have sexual relationships.

Our kids seem bombarded with sexual images on TV to Billboards at the bus stop, and are feed a consumer diet of fast food and violence.

I regularly meet kids as young as 7 who regularly watch Eastenders – what a joy that must be where everyone shouts at each other and regularly doles out negative attitudes.

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