Do You Want to Know How to Develop the Inner Entrepreneur in Your Child ?

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As the number of job vacancies available to school-leavers and graduates continues to shrink, developing your child’s entrepreneurial ability has never been more important. In this new book, mum and entrepreneur Lorraine Allman, offers over a hundred activities and ideas, and picks the brains of some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, sharing their insights with you.

Lorraine Allman, is the author of the newly published ‘Enterprising Child – developing your child’s entrepreneurial potential’  and she believes encouraging entrepreneurial traits in our children is the greatest gift we can impart as they face an ever more turbulent employment climate.

She says, “As a parent myself I know how bleak the future might seem for our children as they progress towards working age, but I also know that those young people who learn entrepreneurial skills and attitudes will be the ones who stand out as they apply for jobs or look to make a success of running their own business. The role of a parent in encouraging entrepreneurial characteristics in their children is absolutely crucial.”

Progress is being made in the education sector on ‘teaching’ entrepreneurial skills but there’s much more to being entrepreneurial than learning skills from a curriculum.Lorraine believes this gap can only be bridged by parents actively encouraging children as young as four to recognise and fulfil their natural entrepreneurial potential.

Lorraine continues, “There are many parents already doing great things with their children to encourage entrepreneurial spirit, but they have little or no support in doing so and there are many more parents who would like to do more for their child but are not sure how. That’s why I wrote this book. ‘Enterprising Child’ was written to give parents the ideas and guidance to help their child be the best they can, and have lots of fun in the process.”

With a foreword by ‘The Apprentice’ winner Tim Campbell MBE and interviews with well-known entrepreneurs such as Paul Lindley (Ella’s Kitchen), Laura Tenison MBE (JoJo Maman Bébé), Kirsty Henshaw (Dragons’ Den tamer) and many more, the book offers a unique insight into the nature and development of the entrepreneurial mindset, and aims to help parents help their children at the ages where parental influence and support is most significant.

I’m delighted to say that I’m off to the official launch of ‘Enterprising Child’  at Central Working, London WC1B 3HD on 7th November with Tim Campbell MBE as guest speaker and I’m delighted to see that my testimonial for this great book is on the front cover !

Enterprising Child (ISBN 978-1-78133-009-8) is available from Amazon priced £13.95


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