Teaching your kids about sex – oh dear there’s a new smartphone app for that !

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I’m on BBC Radio Warwicks today talking about the new explicit sex app for 13 year olds ! Whatever happened to talking & teaching your kids about sex in a loving safe environment passing on your values and setting sex within a loving, caring, respectful relationship ?

respectyourself.info website is a new website that gives tips on anal and  oral sex as well as losing virginity to kids as young as 13

The site’s ‘experts’, meanwhile,  suggest young  children might want to put off speaking to their parents  about sex in case the  subject upsets the parents !!!

In a question and answer section,  experts  commissioned by the NHS answer questions about sexual practices. Children as  young as 13 are told masturbation will make them feel ‘de-stressed’ and have a  stronger immune system

  • Also a  ‘sextionary’ to  describe slang terms for genitalia and naked pictures of a man  and a woman with their erogenous zones highlighted
  • Much of the  content too explicit to be reproduced
  • Local council  involved with site admits site ‘does contain explicit images of genitalia’ but  insists it has been ‘put together with a lot of thought, care and  attention’

Your thoughts ?

The article =>http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2221809/NHS-phone-app-features-extraordinarily-explicit-sex-tips-children-young-13.html

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