7 Questions to Ask Your Children If They Are Blogging

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I read a really interesting article from uKnowKids Parenting Blog that I thought I would pass on to you if your kids are blogging – like mine are 🙂

My son writes a cricketing blog and my daughter writes a photography blog and for many teens blogs are a really wonderfully creative outlet and a  way to develop their technical skills, and expand their knowledge as well as being a fun way to express themselves. They may also  be building  and developing the skills they need for their jobs later on,  for example my son is studying to be a journalist at Brunel University so every time he gets published, tweeted or reaches a new reader he is moving himself forward.

But I also think as parents, we are not always sure of the new technology or its implications, but we do need to guide, and nudge our kids in the right direction and we need to help our kids understand and  reflect on what their blog says about them and who will be reading it and how long it stays in cyber space !

Here’s the article….

Does your child have a blog?

And if so, what Internet safety questions do you need to be asking your blogging kids.

Question #1: What is your blog about?

Your child’s first answer will be “I don’t know… stuff.” But ask again with interest. Is it an online journal? A site dedicated to their favorite celebrity? A place for their favorite book and movie reviews? If they are very secretive about the basic contents of their blog, it may be time to get concerned.

Question #2: Can I read your blog?

A teen who hesitates to let you read their blog isn’t necessarily doing anything inappropriate – but it could be a sign that they are sharing too much private or personal information.

Question #3: What do you think your blog says about you ?

This question can help you figure out your child’s motivations in setting up the blog in the first place. It can also help them to re-examine how the blog’s content might look to others, and how it might reflect on them personally.

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