10 tips for broaching the subject of periods with your daughter – from a Dad’s perspective

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Today I’m delighted to have Samantha Kelly from The Funky Goddess a website dedicated and passionate about making the transition into womanhood a positive experience for girls around the globe 🙂

Here’s today guest blog about broaching the subject of periods with your daughter – from a Dad’s perspective


1.. Early is better. If, for whatever reason, this task is going to fall to you it’s better done early. A motivating factor for me was the fear that my child would be caught out by this event (the menarche is the correct term), unlikely as it may seem this still happens. I did not want that to happen to one of my daughters. Puberty begins earlier now than in previous generations so you need to think about this earlier than you think you do.


2. Don’t assume. It is very easy to assume that girls learn about this from school, from teachers, from other girls, from aunts, older sisters etc. This may be true but also, it may not be true. Some of the sources listed above, peer to peer for example, may actually deliver misleading horror stories and misinformation. You do not want that for your daughter so take control of the flow of information.


3. Source information. Before you can educate you must be educated. You, like most men, know little enough about this subject but the time has come to learn. Sites such as this one are a godsend. Find out what the current recommended pamphlets, leaflets etc are. Get copies. Have them ready. Browse the relevant part of your library, clinic, GP’s waiting room.

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