Taking kids books to the next level ….publishers launch smelly books for kids

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I know when I was a Deputy Head and class teacher that  the kids in my class loved it when I bought smelly stickers as rewards so I read with great interest that children’s books are set for a reinvigoration with the launch of a new series that are filled with touch-activated scents !

Bonnier Publishing’s Autumn imprint has unveiled its Smellessence division, which will release a range of fragrant titles from July 2012.

First introduced at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the collection uses micro encapsulation technology that has previously only been employed in cosmetics and textiles.

The innovation enables a broad spectrum of scents to be replicated, including pineapple and smelly shoes, with the fragrance’s life spanning three years.

Managing director of Smellessence Perminder Mann said: “This is advanced technology and the smells it creates are so real they take children’s reading to a magical new level.”

He added that the company plans to expand beyond books, aiming to generate other products that utilise the technology.

The first series set to be launched is entitled The Splotz! and the four-book series is expected to be picked up by children as an entire collection.

Bonnier originated as a small bookseller and publishing house in 1804, but has since developed into a multi-channel media company that operates in 16 countries.

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