I LOVE Gok’s new show. Gok’s Teens – The Naked Truth

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I love Gok Wan and I am delighted to see him take on the fashion industry’s distorted images of what it means to be a teen.

Gok Wan is now giving troubled teens the advice, confidence and self-belief they need to tackle their issues and anxieties.

I have written about teaching your kids to have positive body images and as a Mum myself of a 17 year old daughter I am passionate about teaching kids to have the confidence they need to be themselves free from fear, criticism and judgement – but it’s NOT easy.

He is also introducing his one hour body image classes into schools and getting teachers involved.  I have worked alongside Paul McKenna on his Easy Weight Loss Seminars and we used to do a mirror exercise just like Gok’s – and I know it is very successful and helpful.

But it’s also about you as Mums looking at the way you talk about your body, talk about food and talk about exercise as you are your kids primary role models and what you do and say matters !

There is a super website called Any -Body.org that is all about giving women a voice to challenge the limited physical representation of females in our contemporary society.

“Here are some questions they get asked a lot, so they thought it might be a good idea to put some answers together to help you. As Mums it easy to worry about our daughters. We all want to protect them and we can feel guilty and concerned when they get into states about their eating and their bodies.

Mums are a big influence on our daughters and we can influence them positively. Children are incredible mimics. It is how they learn to fit in and grow. They copy us and the more we can accept our own bodies, the more natural it will feel to them to accept theirs.

I’m not saying it is easy to do. We know how important beauty and being a particular size has become and how it can be a struggle for us. Keeping our own battles with weight and bad body image away from our daughters so they don’t grow up thinking that to be female means to constantly fret about one’s body, is important. This first question is a common one.

Q: Sometimes I have days when I don’t feel great about my body. I’m fairly happy most of the time, but I do worry that my daughter could pick up on some of the negative feelings I have and that it would make her worry about herself more. How can I stop that happening ?

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Next  Programme on Channel 4 for Gok’s Teens is on:
Tue 14 Feb, 8PM


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