Guess who has been asked to write about the issues raised in the new George Clooney film The Descendants ?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

George Clooney in The Descendants

Today I’m very excited as I have been asked to write some answers for Think Jam the award winning digital PR and creative agency based in Hollywood that is promoting the latest award winning George Clooney film “The Descendants” as the film has raised some issues around bringing up teens.

I’ll keep you posted about when they are published…. oh and if I get invited to meet George on the red carpet you’ll be the first to know LOL 🙂

I’m a mum of two teenagers myself so I know first hand what you are going through – so no finger pointing just a helping hand !

If you are having problems with your teens here’s my “Navigating The Choppy Waters Of The Teenage Years” CD and ideas book

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