What’s your Mosquito Moment ?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I’m delighted that my article What’s Your Mosquito Moment has been published on The Life Change Network.

What gives you a pain can also really inspire you!

Imagine a really lovely, sunny day where you are having a really refreshing, chilled glass of white wine, sitting around a beautiful, blue swimming pool with your family and friends.

You feel totally relaxed, very chilled and at one with the world.

Suddenly, you hear that familiar little buzz of a mosquito nearby. “No worries” you say to yourself – “no problem” they’ll soon fly off.

Then another one turns up and another and another – and they start to bite you so you give up and go inside.

These little mosquito moments buzz around us all the time in life.

Sometimes, we can’t find a place to hide, or we can’t find the repellent spray so we just end up getting used to handling the irritations and aggravations – some big, some small, that gently, consistently and persistently erode the quality of our lives.

But, over time, these little “Mosquito Moments” can build up resentments and can cloud our happiness.

So what can you do this week to eliminate some of your ‘Mosquito Moments ? ‘




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