The Sue Atkins Weekly Parenting Affirmation

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

It’s not how far you fall – it’s how high you bounce back !

I was coaching a client this week who had a huge disappointment and felt hugely  let down, embarrassed and humiliated  by what had happened so we talked about the power of an affirmation or an incantation – which is where you walk , pace or jog to your affirmation to really feel it inside your body.

She tried it with me a few times out loud and said she felt much better and then I got an email from her to say that she’d played around with it  by herself while she was walking her dog and said it seemed to really transform how she felt around the whole situation !  Which I thought was pretty cool !

Louise Hay is one of the most famous people for advocating the power of affirmations so today why not try this one to see how you can transform your mindset, mood or belief system into a more positive one !

“I bounce back from set backs easily and  I am grateful for my family, my partner, my health,  and  my friends.”

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