Are Mud pies and Puddles on your Toddler’s ‘to-do’ List ?

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I remember LOVING making mud pies as a child myself so read about how making a mud pie, baking a cake and finger painting have topped a list of activities that parents believe toddlers should have accomplished by the time they are three.

The list of 36 “landmark events”, which includes picking fruit, dancing with no inhibitions, visiting a museum and holding a teddy bear’s picnic, are considered vital to the learning and development of young children.

Dr Richard Woolfson, a child psychologist, said that a child’s growth between the ages of one and three was extraordinary.

“Toddlerhood is about learning, about development and about progress, it’s also about pushing the boundaries a little,” he said.

“A growing child needs to be loved and to be happy, but fun activities play an essential part during the toddler years too, as now is the time they will master many of the skills that will set them up for life.

“Making a mud pie or jumping in a puddle has never been so important.”

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