Talk Rubbish To Your Parents – and other great ideas for kids – Action 2

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This week I’m reading a brill book called Teach Your Granny To Text and Other Ways to Change the World by Nick Stanhope and Tanis Taylor which is great fun and a super way to build confidence, self esteem and self belief in your kids by helping them to take some small actions that over time  will change the world !

As a former Deputy Head who loves empowering kids with self esteem, self confidence and a belief in themselves I thought I run a series of blogs just for them !

So check in for the next few days to print off some fun ideas to get your kids changing the world, making a difference and doing extraordinary things :)

My idea is to empower your kids to change the world, to believe in their dreams and to tap into their enormous talents and curiousity.

The ideas are based on the brilliant book by Tanis Taylor and Nick Stanhope called “Teach Your Granny To Text and other ways to change the world” available here.

We do small things every day – like taking a shower, eating our chicken nuggets and throwing our rubbish in the bin.

But over a lifetime these small actions add up.

Over a lifetime you will have spent over 6,000 hours in the shower, eaten 1,201 chickens ( or veggie burgers) and thrown vast amounts of packaging, paper and wrappers in the bin.

It’s fun to point out to kids that their daily actions and choices influence the world and what they do has a HUGE impact, over time, on the world.

So just like when I coach parents – small actions x lots of people = BIG CHANGE !

The second idea is to talk rubbish to your parents !


Next time your Mum or Dad says “Haven’t you cleaned up your room yet?” say, “I’m really GLAD you brought this up. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about cleaning up YOUR habits! Did you know that we throw away £250 – £400 of edible food every year? Did you know we only recycle 17% of our rubbish ?   Why don’t we start re cycling our glass bottles in the kitchen? I was just wondering what we could ALL do as a family Mum to clean up our act ?” 🙂 

Hopefully it will get you all thinking of some little things you can all do to help the world !

For some more ideas get your kids to log onto

Teach Your Granny to Text – and other great ideas for kids – Action 1


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