Looking for footy mad children aged 11

The Football League and are really excited about their competition to design the official Football League Christmas card. They are looking for footy mad children aged 11 and under to design the hand drawn official card, depicting a festive football scene, with the winning design being sent to all 72 Football League clubs and our […]

Teach Your Granny to Text – and other great ideas for kids – Action 1

Well as a former Deputy Head who loves empowering kids with self esteem, self confidence and a belief in themselves I thought I run a series of blogs just for them ! So check in for the next few days to print off some fun ideas to get your kids changing the world, making a difference and […]

The Marble Jar Technique which is great for autistic children.

When I go into schools now running my Beat Bullying -Confidence Classes for Kids Workshop I have seen this technique used in quite a few schools to encourage and reward good behaviour. Here’s a blog written by a Mum who has found it to be very useful with her autistic son.  Marble Jar – Great for My Son’s Therapy […]

Childrens blocked nose linked to ADHD and other ailments

I love reading around my subject and exploring new techniques, research, or ideas to pass on to you, so imagine my surprise when I read in the Irish online magazine Roller Coaster about research linking children’s blocked noses linked to ADHD ! For over ten years, Dr Buteyko and orthodontist Professor John Mew have observed the negative effects […]