The Bank Of Life Technique – this is a really inspiring read and a really simple idea to try

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After appearing on LBC Radio  discussing the shocking report out today about teenagers (UK SURVEY DISCOVERS THAT SOME 12-YEAR-OLDS DRINK 28 ALCOHOL UNITS A WEEK.) a wonderful woman called Yvonne McIntosh emailed me.

Here is her inspiring email that I just HAVE to pass on  to you – please RT and pass on to all your friends too.


 I used to foster “problem” teenagers and created a system which I have never encountered in books or anywhere else which worked amazingly and I would like to share it with parents everywhere!

I created The Bank Of Life and gave the children bank notes to start the account. Then I made three charts! One for the things they enjoyed doing, after school activities, computer time, going out to play, sleepovers etc and gave each activity a “price”.

The second chart was the things which would “cost” them! Getting home late, not doing their assigned chores, being rude and disrespectful, not doing homework etc.

The third chart was a list of things they could do in order to gain money from the Bank of Life! Baby sitting the younger ones, doing extra chores, helping neighbours and general exceptional behaviour. They also got a weekly “allowance” for keeping the rules!

When it came to them wanting to go out to play, go to parties, Scouts, swimming etc, they had to pay the banker (me)!

No longer was I the wicked woman who stopped them doing the things they wanted to do!

All I used to say was “Well, you can’t take out of life what you don’t put in! Don’t blame me! Your life is your own responsibility!”

In family gatherings after they had grown up and fled the nest they used to talk about their childhood, and always someone would say “Do you remember that damned Bank of Life…..” and all would groan, but it taught them a valuable life lesson and ALL of them have adopted the system with their own families and say it works!

I hope this can help others teach older children self dicipline.”

What a truly inspired and simple idea – I am just so grateful that I can pass this wonderful idea on and I really hope it makes a difference to families around the world struggling to bring up their teenagers.


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