“Parenting classes aren’t just for struggling families” says the Minister for Children and Families

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I’m talking on London’s largest radio station today about the Government’s new idea for free parenting classes. Join me here on LBC

I am greatly in favour of taking away the taboo about parenting classes – we go on courses on everything from marketing to management yet we receive literally no skills training for the most important job in the world – raising happy, confident well behaved, independent and socially responsible adults.

I’m on a mission to change that and make it perfectly normal to go on some fun filled parenting classes that cover the topics of the Parenting 5 a day checklist recommended by the Centre Forum – that I run !I had a letter recently from Sarah Teather thanking me for my toolkits, journals and  Parenting Made Easy CDs so I hope that i can be part of the solution to this very important initiative.

Read about my letter from the Government here

As you know I have been invited to The House Of Commons to join a panel of experts looking at how we can improve parenting across the Uk after the riots in December.

I even recorded a live teleseminar for an hour and night over one week to change your family life easily, simply and effectively free from finger pointing, criticism and judgement.

We all need a few new ideas , some practical techniques and a bit of support raising kids so take a look at my teleseminars here => and transform YOUR confidence 🙂

Why not take my 5 A Day Parenting Challenge with me and watch your relationships flourish, watch your home become more harmonious and fun – filled and watch yourself relax as your kids do as they are told the 1st time and do better at school as you get involved more in their lives.

1. The Mindset of Positive Parenting –  seeing the bigger picture to your parenting.

2. The Gift of Positive Praise  and Practical Ways To Build Your Child’s Self Esteem long term.

3. The Importance of Play, Reading and Healthy Eating

4. The Challenge of Turning off the TV and Talking !

5. The 5 Secrets To Well Behaved Kids  



Here’s the article from BBC News


“Free parenting classes are to be trialled for all parents with children under the age of six in three areas of England, children’s minister Sarah Teather has said.

They are intended for parents even if they are not struggling with raising children, she said.

In the trial, about 50,000 parents will be offered vouchers for the classes.

They will start in mid-2012 in Middlesbrough; High Peak, Derbyshire; and Camden, London.

Ms Teather said she wanted to get rid of the stigma over asking for help.

“Parenting classes aren’t just for struggling families,” she said.

“All parents should know it’s OK to ask for extra support and guidance when they need it – just as they do when they attend ante-natal classes before their child is born.”

‘Firm and fair’

The classes, provided by parenting experts, are likely to cover areas such as communication and listening skills, managing conflict and “strengthening positive relationships in the family”, as well as the importance of parents working as a team.

There will also be a stress on discipline, with “firm, fair and consistent approaches” encouraged and the importance of “boundaries” being set out for children.

And there will be advice on appropriate play for children’s age and development.

The trial will run for two years, with its impact tracked, the department said. It is hoped the results will lead a greater number of parents to seek help and advice themselves.

The government says it is still working on the details but it is likely that the vouchers will be distributed through various routes. It was unknown if health visitors, GP staff or nursery workers would be involved.

Ms Teather added that there was overwhelming evidence that a child’s development in the first five years’ of their life is the single biggest factor influencing their future life chances, health and education attainment.

“Armed with all this evidence, it is the government’s moral and social duty to make sure we support all parents at this critical time.

“Parenting has to be one of the toughest jobs and it doesn’t come with a rule book.”


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