Get Real Practical Support & Advice With Sue’s One to One Family Workshops

If you’re looking to improve your parenting skills and increase your child’s confidence, then Sue’s Family Workshops are ideal for you. Working together with your family, Sue will help you to understand any issues that may be impacting on your child’s confidence and work with you and your whole family to implement real, practical solutions.

How Sue’s Family Workshops Work

Held in Sue’s home in Surrey, Family Workshops are a laid-back and informal event. You’ll be welcomed into Sue’s home, where you can relax, enjoy a hot drink & even play with her dogs! If your family is comfortable then we find change happens much faster.

Your workshop is a positive and guilt-free space, meaning you won’t ever be shamed or “told off”, but instead supported and guided through the challenges you may be facing.

Usually held on a Saturday morning from 10am-12pm, Sue’s Family Workshops are private, confidential & enjoyable. You’ll have Sue all to yourself so she can completely focus on supporting you and your children.

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