Talking To Your Kids: Questions To Start Conversations ~ Day 3

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I am a real advocate of families sitting down and eating together as it creates a bond, a connection and makes life fun. Kids can chat about their day, their worries or just spend time with you, and you can share your life with them in a easy and natural way simply through sitting down to a meal together regularly.

It builds memories that last a lifetime.

It’s also a place to iron out differences, talk about worries and be involved in your child’s life.

Also teenagers who eat with their parents are up to 35% less likely to have eating disorders – (read more here )

But eating together also offers you the opportunity to really talk to your kids as life is often hectic, frenetic and busy so for the next 20 days I’m here to help!

I’ll give you lots of fun tips and conversations starters to help you really talk with your kids – all designed to stop you just nagging about eating their broccoli or talking with their mouth full :)



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