Young people praised for leading cleanup efforts after riots

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By Janaki Mahadevan Tuesday, 09 August 2011

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Young people have been praised for taking to the streets to clean up after another night of rioting across London.

Volunteering charity V has been encouraging groups of young people to come together and “reclaim their communities”.

Young volunteer Holly Powell-Jones was among the people clearing up the streets of the London Borough of Ealing.

She said: “There has been so much focus in the media showing young people in a very negative light. But a lot of young people are really upset about what has been happening. They feel helpless about what they can do to stand up against it. “Volunteering to clean the streets is a really positive way that young people can do something to help. It’s a way to combat the negativity that’s out there and show solidarity with their communities.”

V chief executive Terry Ryall said while young people have been cited as causing much of the destruction in the riots, they have also been leading the positive response in the aftermath.

“There are two sides to the story behind the London riots this week,” she said. “While the violence and destruction have captured the headlines, young people across the city have been organising themselves to reclaim their communities.

“Groups of young volunteers have been taking to the streets with brooms to make a powerful statement; that the majority of young people can and do make a positive contribution to society.”

London riots shouldn’t be an excuse to tarnish all young people. It’s important to remember the positive contributions and justified concerns of London’s youth too.

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