The London Riots – Teaching Self-Control…….

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Reeves Corner where my Dad and I used to shop

As Tony Parsons said last night on Twitter “ It takes one night to burn down a neighbourhood – and it takes generations to rebuild it.”

The House of Reeves furniture store survived the Great Depression and Hitler’s bombs but last night the rioters came and razed it to the ground.

Reeves Corner was set up in Croydon in 1867 by Edwin Reeves and four generations of his descendants carried on after him but the store is now little more than blackened walls, smouldering ashes and rubble.

Trevor Reeves, the owner, said: “It’s just completely destroyed. Words fail me. It’s just gone, it’s five generations. My father is distraught at the moment. It’s just mindless thuggery.” Mr Reeves employs up to 20 people.” Read more….

With the London Riots still fresh in my mind and the sad news that Reeves Corner, where my Dad and I often bought furniture, has been torched to the ground, here’s an article on “Self-control” which  is about being able to regulate yourself which I find to be fascinating, thought provoking and practical from © 2011 Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., all rights reserved from Parenting Science


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