Talented, but Amy’s was not a life to admire.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

In today’s Daily Mail there are some truly harrowing photographs of Amy Winehouse’s descent into addiction.

I believe that it’s a good idea to talk and teach your kids about things that happen in the news and this is no exception.

On Sunday as the news broke on Twitter and my son called me to watch the news we sat and discussed Amy’s life, and I used the opportunity to discuss drug, and as well as drink addiction with my kids again.

I have strong views about both of these areas and my kids have grown up with us always teaching, guiding and discussing things with them

So as you look at these harrowing photos perhaps it’s an opportunity to talk WITH not AT your kids about the dangers of drugs and booze.

I disagree with Amanda Platell that kids glorified Amy – we all recognised her enormous talent – but I don’t think many envied her tortured soul and lifestyle.


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