Don’t Be a Weiner! Teens & Sexting

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Teenage as a Second Language

Here’s a guest post from the wonderful Talking Teenage website.

“Fathers do it. Women do it. Teens do it. Congressman Weiner did it and it resulted in his resignation and in humiliation for his pregnant wife.

We are talking about sexting. We expect that Father’s Day will be a very confusing day for Mr. Weiner and his wife given the photos of his private parts  that are now public. You see, this intelligent, prominent, and successful father-to-be sent one too many photos.

Once again, here is an illustration of how a message or photo sent to one person can end up on the screens and in the homes of thousands of unintended recipients. Parents-we ask you to remind your teens how easy to is to press buttons and send photos while also stressing that it is nearly impossible to erase these photos once they have gone viral.

On Father’s Day your teens will be celebrating you, dads. Celebrate them as well by talking to them about a mistake that a father-to-be made. You will have their attention. Wait until after the meal and family photos are taken and then chat a bit…..

Barbara R. Greenberg, Ph.D.and Jennifer A. Powell-Lunder, Psy.D. are clinical psychologists who specialise in the treatment of teens and their families. They are respected writers, speakers, and consultants on teen issues.

To explore their excellent website go to => Talking Teenage

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