10 controversial parenting tips

Here’s an interesting article I came upon on Twitter today By Eva Bowen ABC15.com, Phoenix “Parents, listen up! It’s the first rule of parenting that every new parent will quickly learn: you WILL be judged by others. Every parent is faced with difficult choices as their children grow up. What type of schooling should they […]

Every little helps – Tesco and booze

Every little helps – Tesco, booze and binge drinking I was fascinated to listen to the lovely Jeremy Vine talking today on BBC Radio 2  to the very enthusiastic chap from Tesco about their support of the government’s proposals to curb binge drinking and rowdy behaviour. Britain’s biggest supermarket Tesco said it supports the U.K. government’s plan […]

Booze – why let it decide?

As regular readers of my blogs will know, I have two normal teenagers growing up in my house and we have always been open in talking about all the “Big Issues” of sex and drugs to rock and roll and that includes alcohol – its dangers and its misuse. In fact that’s why I wrote […]

Children who see parents drink “more likely” to binge drink themselves

I was interviewed by LBC Radio again today about the latest survey by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation about underage drinking.  Here is the article in The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/jun/17/children-parents-binge-alcohol For me it’s all about how you pass on your values, experiences and attitudes to everything and drinking is no exception. It’s about realising that kids are […]