Teachers worried as girls go top of the class for cyber-bullying

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I have just been interviewed on LBC Radio about a new worrying survey that suggests that girls are more likely to resort to cyberbullying.

Teachers will today call for an investigation into rising levels of poor behaviour among girls in the classroom.  The girls, they argue, are more likely to resort to cyber-bullying – the form of bullying utilising the internet and mobile phones that is worrying school leaders. A survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) reveals that half the teachers believed girls’ behaviour had got worse during the past two years. One in five thought it was now more challenging than boys.

As a former Deputy Head and now in my Coaching role running my “Beat Bullying Confidence Classes for Kids” in schools, I am very passionate about making sure we address this extremely worrying development.

I have written a chapter  about ways to handle bullying in my “Raising Happy Children for Dummies” book as I was also bullied myself when I first started my Secondary School and developed alopecia for a time due to the stress of not telling anyone about what was happening to me.

Here is an article I wrote about Cyber Bullying for Anti Bullying Week and another article called “Stranger Danger in the 21st Century

I also have a Beat Bullying Diary that you can download for free to keep a track of what’s happening, when, where and by whom so you have evidence to show either your child’s school or the police. Click here for the Beat Bullying Diary Feel free to share it with others who would find it helpful.

On Saturday I wrote a blog about whether it’s OK to spy or keep an eye on your kid’s online activities.  You can read it here 

This new survey means that you also need to be talking, discussing and teaching your children about what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour to you online as well as off in terms of bullying behaviour.

Click here to read the full article in The Independent

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If you would to download my Confidence Classes for Kids CD set that accompanies my workshop click here => Confidence Classes for Kids CD

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